Who Is J'Lee?

Country-soul singer and songwriter J'Lee enlivens country music's traditions with a dynamic contemporary verve. And infuses it all with a deep soulfulness found in her rich soaring voice and the catchy, picturesque songs she writes.


From an early age, she wanted to know what she could do to touch the people of the world in a positive way. J’Lee often tells the story of how she would rejoice with others in church for knowing their life propose. Although happy for them, still she’d inquire of God the same question as always, “but God what am I supposed to do?” She said, “Although I was a child it was very important to me to know my call in life.” It seems forever but finally she had her answer. It was to sing and write music. This was the beginning of what she calls her lifelong learning journey. “And what a journey it has been she says.”


She has grown much since her extreme bashful years. J’Lee says, “It was the church people who helped bring me out of my shyness. They would often call on me to testify or sing. I would be so terrified it felt like my heart was beating in my throat.” But all the while God was helping her to overcome one of life’s greatest obstacles - fear. Let just say J’Lee has come a long way since then.


J'Lee says we all have goals in life but remember, "It's not the destination that teaches us our much needed lessons in life, building character while making us strong it’s the journey."."

What People Are Saying About J'Lee...

"I heard your song titled “The Roughest Ride.” I love it. I think what’s so unique about your music is that it makes you feel the excitement of the sport of rodeo, cutting and other equine sports. It’s not like the other country songs. You have such an awesome style."


- Patsy Fisher @ National Cutting Horse Assoc - Fort Worth, TX

"This is awesome! I really liked the song “Cutting Horse Dance”; it is different and has a great sound."


- Donna Johnston @ Barrel Horse News/Quarter Horse News - Fort Worth, TX

“J’Lee’s unique sound defies genre. With a spirit as strong as her voice, this talented young woman will be taking the industry by storm.”


- Zach Haynes @ Pro Bull Rider Magazine - Birmingham, AL


"J’Lee has the ability to touch your very soul when she sings. She always sings from the heart with a voice that is truly distinctive and powerful. Her beauty radiates from inside out. She actually glows as she sings, and holds the audience in the palm of her hand."


- Danny Jones - Marengo, IN

“J’Lee brings the soul to the cutting horse world. She makes me want to get out and dance/ride with a great cutting horse!”


- Shawn P. McCoy @ Cutting Horse Chatter Magazine Forth Worth, TX

“The Roughest Ride” - awesome song and I‘m sure will be loved by all rodeo people, and everyone. It sounded great. You are good at writing AND singing. I predict big success for you, Miss J’Lee! You are a great talent and your music will be greatly appreciated."


- Ella Hood @ National Cutting Horse Assoc - Fort Worth, TX

"J'Lee has the talent to exude confidence in her music, which makes the style truly her own"


- Leslie Armstrong

Nashville Country Club Editor

"That was neat. I've never heard a rodeo song from the Bull's perspective!"


- Dr. Jones @ Franklin Rodeo - Franklin, TN

"I think J’Lee's sound is a fresh breath in country music."

- DT Brown @ WMIX 94.1 FM – Mount Vernon, IL

"J’Lee, is such a talented individual. When I met her in Nashville, for the first time I knew there was something unique about her. I feel in my heart that God has special plans for her life. He has given her such a beautiful voice and I know (without a doubt) her songs were sent directly from heaven – first class. It wouldn’t surprise me if ‘Gabriel’ delivered them himself. Of course, knowing ‘J’Lee’ she’s too humble to admit it."


- Karen Heart - Abilene, TX

"J'Lee grabs your heartstrings with her words, grabs your boots with her music and grabs your soul with her sincerity.  I got to know her as a person, then as a musician. With J'Lee, you get what you see and you see what you get. Love this cowgirl!"


- Denise Marin

"Oh, my goodness. You are so special; I loved “Cutting Horse Dance” and visiting your site; I loved the serious and fun photos; I loved the tributes others have written about you. I can’t wait to meet you in person."


- DeAnna Jarnagin @ American Cowboy - Boulder, CO

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