A singer and songwriter who definitely has her own sound, when J’Lee is asked why she calls her musical style Country Soul, she says: “For years when people would hear my music for the first time, they would comment, 'You sing country but with a lot of soul.’” After constantly hearing this, I labeled my music genre Country Soul.”

Even as a child, J’Lee wanted to touch the world in a positive way. She often tells the story of how she would rejoice with others when they found their calling. Although happy for others, she would ask God the same old question, “But God, what am I supposed to do?”  She said, “From a young age, it was always important for me to know God’s will and purpose for my life.” She finally had her answer: it was to sing and write music.  This was only the beginning of what she calls her long learning journey.

Seeing and hearing J’Lee perform now one would never know that she was extremely bashful. However, she says, “It was those church folks who helped bring me out of my shyness. They often called on me to stand and testify or sing. Sometimes I would be so terrified, it felt like my heart was beating in my throat, but all the while, it was God’s way of preparing me to do His will.”

J’Lee says that we all have goals in life but remember to brace yourself. “It’s not the destination that enlightens us while building character and making us stronger; it’s the journey.”